Wedding Fireworks Displays: Pricing

Although  each show is designed around your chosen expenditure and the space available here are some guide prices:

  • £795 – £995 Bronze 
  • £995 – £1,395 Silver
  • £1,395 – £1,995 Gold
  • £1,995 – £2,500 Platinum
  • £2,500+ - Bespoke package 

* Higher display values use larger fireworks and fire more at any one time.

"But how long will it last?"  This is a question we get asked often.  Over the many years we have been supplying wedding fireworks we have learnt that firing the fireworks in a shorter time makes for a far more impressive show.  We would recommend your show would last between 5 to 6 minutes.  If you are worried about the length of the show go and stand outside for 6 minutes, you'll be surprised how long it feels! 

"It is better to have 3 minutes of awesome unbelievable fireworks than to have 15 minutes of one by one, slow paced fireworks, if you half the time you double the impressiveness of the show!"  Chris Clarke (Director and head show designer)

All our shows are fired by computer and use the full width availible onsite, so rather than the traditional one firing location setup, we fire from 5 or 6 locations.  This means we use the same number of fireworks, however they are fired in multiples rather than one at a time, which is far more impressive. 

For shows under £1500 consider firing them in around 3 minutes.  This gives an amazing show that will take your breath away.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements. We are more than happy to chat through the options with you.

Please note that during the November 5th and new years eve period our minimum price may increase due to demand.

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