Safety Policy

Sonning Fireworks has a 100% safety record and we go along way to make sure it stays that way.
Key points:

  • Steel racks – On a lot of companies’ websites you see that they use a lot of wooden racks and structures. We realized long ago that wood just can’t withstand the forces that are involved with fireworks (or firework malfunctions). Due to this we have developed our own range of modular steel racks.

  • Maintenance and inspection – In order to ensure that our equipment is in top condition we have a rigid maintenance and inspections regime. All our major assets are tagged so we can track them through displays, inspection, and repair if needed.

  • Comprehensive company risk assessment – We have produced a comprehensive company risk assessment, covering all aspects of our business. This is reviewed at regular intervals and is actually beyond levels that HSE require.

  • Comprehensive site risk assessment – Every display we put on will have its own display risk assessment. We know that venues can change between us doing shows at them and therefore the risk assessments can need adjusting accordingly.

  • Qualified first-aider in every team – We always have a qualified emergency first-aider in every display team we send out. This is more peace of mind for us that we know our crews are in safe hands.

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