Wedding Fireworks

Wedding fireworks have been the mainstay of Sonning Fireworks for many years and have become some of the most satisfying for us to perform. We have perfected the art of providing the most impressive show possible for your expenditure.

All our shows are computer controlled. This enables us to create intricate, fast moving effects that you will normally only see in big budget shows.

Some of the services we offer include:

  • Colour themed finales
  • Bride and groom to start show
  • Heart shaped bursts
  • for the ultimate in fireworks, a pyromusical show to your chosen music

We would love to chat through the possible options for a wedding fireworks show and we hope your planning is going well!

Wedding Fireworks Videos

Pyromusical wedding fireworks display to Queen - I was born to love you

Wedding pyromusical show to Take Thats - Rule the World

Traditional wedding fireworks display

Wedding Fireworks Pricing

At Sonning Fireworks we don't believe in forcing our customers to spend a certain amount by creating standard packages, so you will find we offer very flexible solutions. Like your wedding our fireworks displays will be unique to you. We design each show around your chosen expenditure and the space available at the firing site. Most people have an idea of the sort of budget they are looking to spend, however if you are unsure below are some price brackets.


4-5 minutes,
Electrically fired,
2 firing positions,
A short sharp blast of excitement



4-6 minutes,
Electrically fired,
4 firing positions,
Volley of heart shells



4-7 minutes,
Electrically fired,
4 firing positions,
Volley of heart shells, Extra impressive finale



4-8 minutes,
Electrically fired,
4 firing positions,
Volley of heart shells,
Extra impressive finale,
Larger extra wide effects



Electrically fired,
Custom show
The ultimate celebration of your marriage!


As the spend increases so does the amount and size of the fireworks. We fire shows from £795 up to tens of thousands of pounds, the higher budgets start to include some of the best European (Italian and Spanish) products which aren't often seen in UK fireworks displays.

Please note that during the November 5th and new years eve periods our minimum prices may vary due to demand. Minimum prices may also vary based on traveling distances, we will always give you honest advice as to if a company more local to yourself would be more suitable so please contact us even if you think you might be outside of the areas we generally work in.

How long should a wedding fireworks display last?

This is a question we get asked often. Over the many years we have been supplying wedding fireworks we have learnt that firing the fireworks in a shorter time makes for a far more impressive show.

"It is better to have 3 minutes of awesome unbelievable fireworks than to have 15 minutes of one by one, slow paced fireworks, if you half the time you double the impressiveness of the show!"

Chris Clarke
---- Technical Director

Sonning Wedding Fireworks

All our shows are fired by computer and use the full width available onsite, so rather than the traditional one firing location setup we fire from 3 or more locations. This means we use the same number of fireworks however they are fired in multiples rather than one at a time, therefore being far more impressive!  This is only possible because we fire 100% of our shows using our computer firing system creating continuous impressive shows every time!

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements. We are more than happy to chat through the options with you.

Fireworks Display FAQ

The absolute minimum distance we require is 50m from spectators, roads, car parks, public byways. This distance will increase with the size of show as we start using larger fireworks. We complete a full risk assessment to ensure only the appropriate fireworks are used for the distance available.
In most circumstances no, however wind direction is very critical. If there is a strong wind away from the crowd to a suitable fallout area then this is acceptable, however if there is a wind towards this crowd this can be unacceptable.
Yes! We endeavor to clear up as much as is possible, however there will always be a few small bits of cardboard left which will soon disappear when the site is mowed. We find that venues come back to us as their preferred supplier again and again because we respect their venue and their rules.
Most of the time we can setup a display without your guests knowing, however with some sites (and some sizes of displays) this is just not possible.
Most certainly. We have a wireless firing system that the bride and groom can use to start the display safely back with the crowd.

If you have any question please feel free to contact use, we are happy to chat through the options with you.

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Venues we have worked at

We have put on wedding fireworks displays at many venues in Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire, Surrey

and all over the UK. Here are some of the local venues we have worked in recently:

  • Danesfield House, Marlow, Buckinghamshire
  • Cripps Barn, Cirencester, Gloucestershire
  • Crowne Plaza, Marlow, Buckinghamshire
  • Newlands Park, Chalfont St Giles, Bucks
  • Inn On The Green, Cookham Dean, Berkshire
  • Sunbury golf course, Shepperton, Middlesex
  • Winter Hill Golf Course, Maidenhead, Berkshire
  • Jordans barn, Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire
  • Court Gardens, Marlow, Bucks
  • Castle royal golf course, Reading, Berks
  • Stoke Park, Stoke Poges, Bucks
  • Harleyford estates, Marlow, Bucks
  • Fawley Court, Henley, Oxfordshire
  • Stoke Place, Slough
  • Bearwood College, Wokingham
  • Sonning Golf Course, Berkshire
  • Stag and Huntsman, Hambleden, Henley
  • Grovefield House Hotel, Berkshire
  • York Club, Windsor Great Park
  • Studley priory, Oxford, Oxfordshire
  • Bisham Abbey, Bisham, Bucks
  • Loseley Park, Guilford, Surrey
  • French Horn, Sonning, Berkshire
  • Heckfield Place, Hook, Hampshire
  • Hampden House, Bucks
  • Milton Hill House Hotel, Oxfordshire
  • Reading Blue Coat School, Sonning, Berkshire
  • Uplands Park Hotel, Buckinghamshire
  • Princess Risborough Golf Club, Bucks
  • Carswell Golf and Country Club, Faringdon, Oxfordshire
  • Aviator Hotel, Farnborough, Hampshire
  • The Iron Duke, Stratfield Saye, Berkshire
  • Silchester House, Reading
  • Ardington House, Oxon
  • Chenies Manor, Bucks
  • Missenden Abbey, Buckinghamshire
  • The Fallowfields Hotel, Oxfordshire
  • Easthampstead Park, Berkshire
  • The Old Mill Aldermaston, Berkshire
  • Dorton House, Bucks
  • The Compleat Angler, Buckinghamshire
  • Shiplake Collage, Oxfordshire
  • Rivers health club, Reading, Berkshire
  • Monkton Barn Galleries, Marlow, Bucks
  • Northcote House, Ascot
  • Monkey Island, Bray, Berks
  • Tylney Hall Hotel, Basingstoke, Hampshire
  • Sonning Gold Course, Sonning, Berks
  • Shottle Hall, Derbyshire
  • Wokefield Park, Reading
  • Sheepdrove Conference Centre, Hungerford
  • Winchfield House, Hampshire
  • Donnington Grove Country Club, Newbury
  • Blenheim Park, Oxfordshire
  • Milton Hill House, Oxfordshire
  • Heythrop Park, Oxfordshire

= These venues are highly recommended for fireworks