Five Ideas for a Spectacular Lockdown Wedding

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Five Ideas for a Spectacular Lockdown Wedding

Five Ideas for a Spectacular Lockdown Wedding

Many of us have dreamed about what our wedding day might look like. Be it a wedding Barn in Buckinghamshire, or a beach wedding in Bali. However, very few of us would imagine it involving face masks and two-metre distances, such is the global pandemic!

However, hosting a lockdown wedding doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on style. There are still a number of great ways to make your wedding day magical and memorable, even with restricted numbers. And, since big weddings have been curbed, you may even have some spare budget to splurge on some extravagant touches.

Here’s five inspiring ideas for you…

1.  Wedding Fireworks Display

Wedding firework displays have become the go-to choice for lockdown weddings and the popular trend towards micro weddings. Since outdoor activities have become particularly favourable, an illuminating fireworks display is the perfect way to bring a special something to your nuptials. 

If you want to step it up to the next-level, try a pyromusical wedding fireworks and have a mesmerising display coordinate to your favourite song. Even if you’re forced to host a small wedding, fireworks always add a sense of occasion to the day, no matter how big or small the party. With the great outdoors as your canvas, it’s one of the most memorable moments you can create, especially given the current circumstances.

2.  Dine under the stars

Between May and October the British weather lends itself to outdoor weddings. This is the perfect opportunity to dine-out under the stars and have the alfresco wedding you always dreamed of. If you’re planning a wedding in London, there’s a number of venues with rooftops, which also provide an indoor setting should the weather turn. Lord’s Cricket Ground, The Century Club and the Absolute Pleasure Yacht are all sensational options offering rooftop access. 

3.  Sparkler Photos

As your wedding day turns to night, there’s one more treat left in store for guests. Sparkler photos are a fun way of rounding off a wonderful day and capturing this special moment in time. It simply involves guests waving a sparkler around in the dark, captured by the photographer. The result is a dramatic and fun photo and wonderful reminder of your day. 
Make sure your photographer is booked until the end of the night and you buy safe wedding fireworks for sale, such as simple sparklers. 

4.  Design in Technicolour

The big trend of the year is to design your wedding day in technicolour. Long gone are the days of pastel shades and delicate pinks. It’s all about going big with a pop of bright colour. Think about the many ways you can do this. From bright candle and lighting displays, to neon flowers (it’s a thing!) and a colourful fireworks display in the evening. You might even want to go all the way and opt for a bright and bold wedding dress - and why not, it’s your big day after all.

Coworth Park Hotel - Lumatech

Bold building projections make a statement, created by our sister company Lumatech at the amazing Coworth Park in Ascot, Berkshire.

5.  Immortalise Guests in Art

For a day as special as a lockdown wedding, you may be limited with the amount of guests that can attend. However, that doesn’t mean they can’t be part of the occasion. 

A popular micro wedding idea is to invite a professional artist to create a bespoke piece of art capturing the day, with your absent friends painted into the picture. You will need to provide the artist with photos in advance, but it’s a touching way of paying tribute to your nearest and dearest. Plus it makes for a wonderful thank you card to share with guests long after the party is over.

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